Greenville Greyhounds Semi-Pro Football

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The Greenville Greyhounds semi-pro football team comes to Liberty in the old LHS stadium on highway 93! For more information visit:

Greyhound Creed:

The Greenville Greyhounds mission is to provide athletes in the community an opportunity to promote and develop football talents and leadership skills of each individual participant that is accepted by the governing body of the Greenville Greyhounds.

The Greyhounds organization seeks to establish itself and the players as role models and upstanding citizens to the youth of the Upstate of South Carolina. It is our intention as leaders of the communities we each represent, to deter today youth from the usage of drugs, gang membership, and other criminal engagements; instead we will use our influence to refer them to the importance of education, sports participation, community pride, and self preservation. As the Greyhounds organization grow in popularity and recognition within the community, we will use our influence to instill respect, honor, sportmanship, a stride for a healthy body and mind in each child we encounter. Realizing that semipro football offers each player an opportunity to live out their dreams they also preserve the footsteps for future players to come.

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